The Hytech Postal Soution Suite is a next generation, off the shelf, postal application.
The software suite boasts a generic structure, and is highly configurable to serve the
needs both of established postal operators as well as emerging postal markets.

Hytech Postal Soution offers a high degree of flexibility. It is a multi tiered, modularised,
interactive and collaborative application that is divided into multiple integrated
applications to allow for a flexible system that can be implemented and controlled in different configurations.

All components of the system showcase its adaptability and configurability.
This demonstrated areas such as the menu interface, extensive master data, and flexible back end reporting.
Postal Vision has almost limitless ability to apply configuration and formulas, fine tune
the systems’ ability to fit all postal situations and product offerings.

A multi lingual, multi platform solution, with software functions and interfaces
that can be readily changed and remotely deployed to country-wide networks of stores and business-points.
Highly maintainable by the back office user, the Postal Vision includes a user friendly modular menu system,
that can be expanded and adapted when new functions and features wish to be implemented.

Front Office

The Hytech Postal Soution operator is the out-front, face of the Postal Vision suite. This is what the front of office, counter team will be using all day every day. The operator handles a huge range of functions, such as customer services for postal and sales functionality. The operator manages the postage label printing, product scanning, and the all important handling of the money. It also contains a sophisticated range of store management features. Postal Vision delivers a personalized and customisable user interface. Form and button options are completely configurable from the back office.

Back Office

This is the backbone of Hytech Postal Soution, where all functionality can be configured, managed and deployed. User rights and roles, master data maintenance, products and services, pricing and charges, formula details, interface design, reporting and stock maintenance are all handled here. The back office also serves as the platform and designer for presenting and programming the functionality of the terminal application. Roll out new configurations to your points of presence without ever leaving your seat. The screen designs give you virtually unlimited sets of menu, buttons, along with their colour and behaviour.

Print stamps on demand at counter

Hytech Philately Production can be deployed at Back of Store or Head Office to produce pre-printed quantities for the philatelic market

Self Service Kiosk
  • Supports
    • Postal (parcels, stamps)
    • Bill Payments,
    • Phone Card Top-ups,
    • Financial transactions,
    • Information
    • General Merchandise Sales
  • Consumes Online Service
    • Rate Finder
    • Address Lookups/Coordinates
    • Parcel Tracking
    • Partner Business


Philatelic Production Printing
Hytech delivers a unique application to provide the tools, security and ease of use to manage the efficient production
of postage Stamps variants printed on to colour printed, security coated stamp blanks.
Design Stamp Layouts utilising a combination of predefined Service indicators,

  • Remove the need to stamp folios – reduced administration and print costs
  • Print specific service and rate on stamps
  • Open up new philatelic opportunities
  • Separated into Design, Production and Printing Modules allows the geographic separation if required Provides Media Configuration to control overprint positioning and partition production runs into multiple of media roll length Production Runs can be setup for reels or strips. Strip printing can be setup to any combination of overprint variations Printing controls provide alerts and manages printing continuation Philately Calculated Values offer
    • Printer ID
    • Stamp ID
    • Strip ID
    • Associated combinations


    digital signage is a new low-cost and highly effective tool for micro or target marketing. Excellent potential returns from in store advertising. Combine postal service promotions with other non-commercial community service announcements and a variety of information of interest to customers We Offer a Narrowcasting Solution that offers a Lightweight Media Player and Comprehensive Control Centre The Control Centre includes a Media Library, Playlist Creations, Playback Scheduling and Player Display Configuration The Player is designed to run with minimal resource usage and as such can be run on the same device as a POS terminal Media is Distributed to Player via the Hytech Colony Messaging Infrastructure Media Playlist and Schedules can be per individual Player or Groups of Players Playback confirmations are returned from all players to provide actual audit data.