Efficient Logistics and Warehousing infrastructure must be complemented by efficient process and software systems. Hytech-RL Logistics team of system analysts has a unique blend of logistics and systems knowledge to ensure that your existing or proposed information systems work in harmony with your processes and equipment.

Where required functionality is not available or does not meet the business needs, Hytech-RL Logistics can design and implement the necessary 'interconnect' systems. The following functionality can be incorporated in the systems design :

WMS - Warehouse Managment System

Goods inwards

  • Receipting
  • Product identification & Labelling
  • Putaway
  • Cross Docking

Product Management

  • Order Management
  • Distrubtion Requirements Planning (DRP)

Product Storage and Replenishment

  • Storage Location Control
  • Product Consolidation
  • Pull-down and flow rack replenishment

Product Picking

  • Picking Instructions, Picking Slips
  • 'Pick from' and 'Pick to'
  • Pick to light,pick by voice,RFpick,RFID


  • Packing and Shipment
  • Consolidation
  • Outwards EDI - Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)

System Implementation

Hytech-RL Logistics has a dedicated implementation team to ensure that your project can move from concept to reality, including :
  • Project Planning
  • Project management
  • Software systems development
  • Installation and testing
  • Systems integration
  • SAP systems implementation

Our software implementation team has extensive experience in the development of 'interconnect' systems - specifically for SAP.

We have successfully completed projects in Europe, Asia and Australia and are ready to apply our skills to your requirements.

Logistic Infrastructure

A major part of any logistics or warehousing facility is the proper materials handling equipment and methods.

Hytech-RL Logistics can analyse the processes and recommend the right infrastructure including :
  • Storage Technologies
  • Pallet and flow racking,
  • Mezzanines
  • Automation technologies
  • Reach truck, forklift and materials handling technologies
  • AS/RS Miniload, Carousel and Vertical lift systems
  • Advanced picking technologies
  • Pick to light, by voice, RF pick and RFID

The right logistics & warehouse infrastructure can improve the entire process - increasing productivity and safety and reducing injuries.

Let Hytech-RL Logistics understand your needs

Process Consultancy

The Hytech-RL Logistics group is dedicated to improving the operations of the organization through the planning, design and implementation of cost effective and efficient logistics solutions

Hytech-RL Logistics provides expertise in :
  • Strategic Logistics analysis and planning
  • Supply Chain analysis and review
  • Functional design and project planning
  • Systems and process analysis and design
  • Project management and implementation

Efficient processes, systems and facilities are the key to smooth operation in a modern organization.

Hytech-RL Logistics has a dedicated team of infrastructure, systems, process design and implementation specialists with experience
in Europe, Asia and Australia - including detailed SAP Interconnect systems.

So, whether you're planning to build a new facility or looking to improve an existing one, Hytech-RL Logistics can help.

Packaging Sourcing and Tracking

Revolutionary automatic data is a powerful application designed to help menage today's complex supply chain. if you are sourcing product from multiple sources or outsourcing production to different factories,
then PST can assist you to manage the process.
  • Work Flow Control
  • Flexible Product Configuration
  • Configurable Data Interchange
  • Correspondence Tracking
  • Authorisation Controls
  • Integrated Planning Tools
  • SSCC/SCM Remote Label Creation
Track Any Product
Any product from production can be tracked and managed at multiple factories across
the supply chain.

Critical Path
The sequence and timing of the production process
can be monitored and managed.
Carton Shipping Labels
Labelling at manufacturing source enables efficient tracking and Inward DC receipting.
Manage Delivery Drops
Purchase orders can be split to separate drops as required